What is Strategy Branding?

This is what we do for you! 

Strategy branding helps SMEs and startups define the optimal strategies, tactics, and actions towards their businesses goals. 


We intend to provide business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs tools and tactics that elevate their brands and boost their sales. 


We help you create the sales funnel that converts your leads. It starts when building a solid brand awareness that seeds the trust in the mind of the consumers, and ultimately drives them to reach the expected sales. 



Carol is a smart woman with a strong passion for life and marketing strategies and implementation. Since we met seven years ago, we have had a frequent connection not only from the personal link but the professional too. Thus, every time something comes into my mind under the form of a business project and its advertisement, I like to consult with her first. She is thoughtful and intelligent. 


She may surprise you every time because of her constant innovation and knowledgeable. I love seeing her harvesting great achievements with her Marketing & Branding consulting and agency.  


Yan Shen 

Founder & Partner 

Co-talk Language Center | Language manager at PKUSZ


It is my pleasure to recommend the services of


Carol Zurita as the head of this agency, is very knowledgable and experienced. Moreover, she has provided the most accurate branding consultation and creative ideas that helped our mompreneur workshop gain more visibility and attraction to their advertisement. 


Also, her low-cost techniques are suitable and with the same or better benefits than traditional expensive advertising methods. 

I am confident that she will be an excellent contribution to whichever team or brand she is involved now and in the future.


Kenneth Choo

Author of Mother Industrialist 

Mompreneur 4.0 workshop organizer.


It is my pleasure to recommend the services of and Carol as the head of it.


She is an extraordinarily creative and self-driven marketing strategist. Her knowledge and passion for producing the most attractive marketing campaigns are what make her a rare opportunity to come across.


Every time our products require some strategy in branding and marketing, Carol is always very insightful and accurate with her advice on how to promote our products. I am confident that she is an excellent contribution to any team or corporation that receive her services. 

Kathy de Leyes


Coach Entrepreneur Asia



Carol is plugged in!


Over the years that I have known Carol, I always can count on her being up to date and in sync with the latest in e-commerce and internet marketing tips.


It is a pleasure to know there is someone out there in tune with what is happening in the online marketing world and her fresh and modern way of branding is amazing.


Thanks, Carol for your insights and consistency over the years with internet marketing and I am happy to collaborate.


Mike Michelini

Podcast Host, Blogger,

E-commerce expert.