10 Tips to get your clients referring your brand

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Brand referrals are considered as one of the most significant ways of getting more customers to your brand. Potential buyers referred by other brand users have a 37% higher customer retention rate and have over 16% higher lifetime value –implying they tend to spend long-term relationship with the clients.

As a brand, you can encourage referrals from other customers for improved business. Customer referrals can have a substantial effect on the bottom line of any company by providing a constant stream of customers who are very likely to buy from your brand.

This article was written to encourage you to start a new year with new more clients and more sales. Here are some of the lucrative ways in which you can increase the number of referrals to your brand:

1. Provide Good-Quality Products & Services: In the end, the customers out there are only looking forward to availing high-quality products and services from your brand. When you are able to provide them the same, it serves to be the best form of customer referrals.

2. Add Extra Value: Make the end customers feel special by providing free e-books, free technical assistance, free one-time consultation, and much more. A majority of the customers would get attracted to such value-added offers.

3. Create & Maintain Close Relationships: Do ample research and search for ways to retain a loyal relationship with the existing client. By aligning your acknowledgment and incentives with the clients’ values, you can help them make use of your brand referrals.

4. See Your Clients As Friends: Your clients and customers must be your true real friends when you wish to make the most of your brand referrals. By doing so, you are able to retain them, in the long run, delivering more business.

5. Identify the Clients’ Needs: It must be your first priority to look into the specific needs of your clients. In addition to this, you should also offer possible solutions to help out the clients.

6. Focus More on Serving: More than selling, your priority should be on serving the clients with unmatched customer services.

7. Sponsor Volunteering Tasks: You can remain in the good books of the clients by sponsoring some kind of support or social work like donations, volunteering, and others.

8. Create Annual Events: Create and indulge in quarterly or annual events to invite over the existing clients and show them gratitude for their support.

9. Train Your Customer Care Team: Ask your customer care team to respect and value the end customers.

10. Encourage the Customers: Make your customers feel obliged to refer your brand through lucrative discounts and vouchers from time to time.

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