10 Visual Marketing Essentials When Building up Your Brand

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Visual marketing is the most immersive form of contemporary marketing. Every day, consumers subconsciously link ad colors and visual graphics to specific brands like McDonald’s famous golden arches. More importantly, this contextual association doesn’t happen by accident.

Behind the scenes, visual storytelling is a science. Specifically, a science tasked with continually finding ways to forge cognitive links between different colors, images, and brands. When such connections are made, brands benefit from increased exposure. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at ten visual marketing essentials, which every business should embrace to benefit from better brand recognition.

1. Visual Marketing Needs to be Attention Grabbing

B2B content marketing statistics show that most brand impressions are made in less than 1/10th of a second. For this reason, ads for new products and services need to be instantly relatable to your brand.

2. Visual Storytelling Needs to be Believable

Credibility is the primary factor why your customers have chosen you, and the potential customers expect to receive from your brand.

Following images and strategies, competitors usually do to hunt buyers must be well studied before adopting them. Regardless if the current scams are directed or not to your market niche, sooner or later the market grows defensive mechanisms, and soon your promo actions may no create any positive impact anymore.

Given the above, it is essential that the visual marketing tools businesses use relate factually accurate, believable information.

3. Make Complex Information Less Complex

Do you know how Apple AirPods or iPhone wireless charging works? Most people don’t but still make purchasing decisions based on key features like wireless connectivity and faster device charging. This is thanks to Apple Inc. being able to present even complicated technical terms in simple, actionable brand messages.

4. 91% of Consumers Respond Favorably to Visual Marketing

Recent polls have shown that 91% of consumers respond favorably to visual marketing. However, content is still everything. Most consumers still dislike pop-up adds on web pages. For this reason, visual marketing works best when time is spent carefully thinking about where visual marketing media should appear and how it should be delivered.

5. Make Your Audience Want to Know More About You

The best visual ads are often also the sharpest and wittiest. For this reason, never be afraid to show the fun side of your brand, to pique people’s attention enough to want to know more about you.

6. Know How to Connect with Your Target Audience

Visual storytelling makes it easy to connect with specific demographics and target audiences. However, this is only true if you know who your target audience is in the first place. Before working on a new visual marketing campaign, brands should, therefore, engage thorough market research to discover as much as possible about their target audience.

7. Appear More Trustworthy than Your Competitors

In modern marketing, trust is everything. Brands which lose it can fail spectacularly. Businesses should, therefore, always be on the lookout for new ways to say how and why they can be trusted, and why their competitors (possibly) can’t be.

8. Enthuse Employees with Your Brand Identity

Visual storytelling is all about taking brand messages directly to consumers. However, some people in your organization do this every day for free anyway. We’re talking, of course, about your business employees.

Given that employees are often seen as the real face (or voice) of a brand, it is essential to enthuse employees about the brands they represent, as well as adopt a uniform or dress code which matches the personality of your brand.

9. Encourage Your Customers to Want to Know More About You

Visual marketing should never be considered a one-off event. Instead, current and future campaigns should be designed to walk consumers through a process of basic brand discovery, increased trust, and eventual direct action. For this reason, always make sure to represent your core business values in any piece of visual media you produce.

10. Use Visual Marketing to Boost Brand Loyalty

Visual storytelling is a fantastic way to engage with new customers. However, the prerogative of your brand should also be to inspire loyalty. This being the case, always make sure that the quality of service you say you deliver, matches real customer expectations after they convert.

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