8 must-haves for a successful social media ad

Regardless if you are tech savvy or not, in this generation of instant communication, having a social media presence is a must if you want your brand to be found and considered. Social media ads are indeed one of the fastest ways to get traffic. Considering the fact that social media is salvo from every producer, it still has a place for every thought, idea and your product. However, the time when you would post an ad and consider to get a higher response is long gone. The good news is; that targetting your audience and making them your customers is still trouble free. One way to get that effortlessly is through paid social media strategies.

Despite of the DIY apps and free online design platforms for ads and image edition for advertisement, not many people are successfully growing traffic or conversion. One of the main reasons is because of the lack of knowledge of the target market, the best timing for posting, and the suitable social media according to the ideal audience.

The following 8 must-haves for a successful ad will sure make your ad stand out.

1. Getting in full swing – know your objectives

Answer the first and foremost question before placing the ad on social media should be what the goal of your social media ad is? Alternatively, what do you want to achieve after placing the advertisement on social media? It is not wise to put an unplanned ad which will only make your money go down the drain.

2. The suitable social media platform

If you see meticulously, all social media platforms have different demographics. There is no rush in showing your visibility in all the available platforms. Initially, thinking of one or two platforms is a wise decision to monitor your optimization correctly.

3. Thinking of a layout for your ad

It is again a serious pointer to note to consider the design of your ad. Thinking of bright colors, distinctive images and no use of filters are some of the options you should consider while designing your ad for social media. This also includes thinking of the common hashtags that will bring traffic to your feed. If you are lucky, these common hashtags will also bring the audience who coincides with your wanted audience.

4. Making a Calendar for your ad

If you are well organized, there is no way you will be left behind in all the hushes and bushes of social media. This means you should be aware of all the holidays that are celebrated around the globe. Other includes, saving some posts for the raining days; pictures, tweets, messages are some tactics you should adopt to save you from disappearing.

5. Keep updating

Running the same ad, again and again, will not only windbag your audience, but the chances to invite new ones will also lessen down. Frequent discounts, updates, change of color scheme and being unpredictable will give you an edge.

6. Something more for loyal customers

Giving an extra benefit to your regular customers will encourage them to become your ambassadors and bring more audience to your feed. These new customers will bring a few with them also.

7. View the viewers

An overview of your viewers is essential, by this we mean, if your goal was to engage female customers, but you ended up having a maximum male audience, you might not be thinking while making your ad.

8. Don’t forget mobile

With 5 billion people connected to mobile services and using social media from a mobile phone, moreover, you may want to run mobile-friendly ads.

If you are a solopreneur or a small business, this previous article may be constructive for you to make your brand more visible.

Keep up the good work!

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