Bigger sales is not a sign of success!

Did you venture into the business for the sole purpose of making money?

Is creating solutions to people’s problems the motivating factor behind your enterprise?

Success in a business or a venture takes a conscious effort; most times it will be down to your motive – the reason you start in the first place.

While the purpose of every business is to make money, however, you can be frustrated and find yourself out of business when your primary goal is to make money.

In all reality, an average consumer is selfish, the chief reason they patronize your business is with the hope that you are in a position to satisfy their needs by solving their problems. In a situation you correctly do that, you win their trust.

Take for instance a father notices a leaking pipe at home; he will rush to the closest hardware store to find the best way to fix the leaking problem. A future college student goes throughout all the local loan banking services with doable rates to solve their education fee problem. An entrepreneur is aware of the importance of keeping a positive perception of her company’s image in the customer's minds. She would approach the best marketing agency to solve her branding problem.

At last, once all these characters find solutions to their problems the ultimate result is happiness, satisfaction, a sense of achievement.

If that is the result why not promoting their ultimate emotions as a brand promise?

What is an emotional promotional campaign?

Emotional promo campaign is an advertisement strategy whereby the attention is channeled towards the emotion of the potential customers rather than focusing on the features and quality of products being advertised.

Humans are emotional beings, as such; many marketing decisions are made based on the emotion of the buyer rather than for them to use their intellects. Campaigns rooted in emotional touch such as love, fear, pride, nostalgia, loyalty, class are often more successful in creating a feel of belongings and a sense of trust in a customer.

Thus, big brands such as Apple "think different," Verizon "inspired minds can change the world" and Dove, "Real beauties sketches" understand that emotion motivates most purchase decisions.

In this present age where competition between brands for relevance and dominance continues to grow, advertisement/promotion is inevitable.

Despite the numerous forms of advertisement strategies in existence, emotional promotional campaign has proven to be 3,000 times more effective than its closest rivals.

6 Benefits of Promoting with Emotional Theme

• Improve Sales

Generally, brands that appeal to consumers’ emotion have better sales compared to their competitors, think of Nike, Apple, Coke, etc.

• Seamless Conversion

Despite that, the message in emotional theme ads is always oblivious, notwithstanding it enhances easy conversion.

• Loyalty and Trust Building

Emotional theme promotes brand loyalty and trust building in customers. It creates raving fans rather than just customers.

• Increased Brand Awareness

Leveraging emotional theme will help you to raise your brand awareness as the advert focus on consumers’ emotion rather than the product benefits.

• Stronger Producer-Consumer Response

There will be a stronger producer to consumer relationship with emotional themes for adverts.

• Creation of Brand Uniqueness

When there is nothing more to differentiate the quality and value of the product, using emotional argument can distinguish the product.

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