Branding tactics that costs $0

Today, I want to talk about a topic you have heard everywhere. See before talking about the topic itself. Being and entrepreneur is hard and challenging. It is challenging because of the lack of the knowledge, experience, and business direction. I know, I have been there, I am there, and I will be there because the learning curve never stops. However, I am here to help you overcome the struggles I dealt some time ago.

Let's get started! The success of your business begins with your personal branding. How to start with your personal branding?

Here the tips go;

1. Use your social media wisely

Regardless if it is Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, or any other platform you like the most.

If you are running a business or about to start a business. Start small with your social media. Use all your social media platform to show off your business, products, and brands.

What your potential audience, investor, partner, or even recruiter may be following you. They want to see a committed business person.

2. Your social media profile + your business brand

Optimize the profile you use on your social media and communication platforms. Use your name and next to it add your business brand so you help your audience understand what you do, and how you could help them in case of having some specific needs.

3. Be consistent!

Eventhough McDonalds has been on business for many years and its logo is still shown consistently. Coca Cola has been on business for more than 100 years and it is still shown its color, logo, and what they do well. Replicate what big brands do. Use your logo and business name in all your communication outlets.

4. Brand your business!

Find the color, logo, tagline that reprints your business best. Use this logo on all on your marketing collateral, your business cards, digital documents, and even make a T-shirt.

Be consistent in showing off your brand.

Finally, forget about excuses of not having resources to succeed. Let your creativity out and create the best ways to communicate your passions. Start Today! Contact me for a FREE consultation today!

IG: carol_uio

FB: Carol Zurita

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