Data Driven Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a must-have for businesses today. In order for a business to remain successful in this day and age, digital marketing is necessary. Data is an integral part of digital marketing. In order to effectively implement digital marketing, businesses must be able to take advantage of data driven solutions.

Why is data so important in digital marketing?

1. To identify common behavior

For a business to carry out a successful campaign that will gain traction, it goes without saying that knowledge of consumer behavior is a necessity. Effective digital marketing campaigns require an understanding of the behavior of online consumers. It could be to identify which sites are most popular with certain demographics

2. To improve relevance

Data is useful in ensuring that campaigns are relevant to the target audiences. It can help you identify what topics and themes are popular. What do the audiences want to hear? You can use this data to inform your strategy and campaign.

3. To improve flexibility

In order to reach more audiences on online platforms, you must be flexible in how you communicate. Data helps you to become more agile and flexible in the way you do your online communications so that your digital campaigns turn out more successful.

4. To bridge the gap of inequality on online platforms.

There is increasing diversity across all online channels. Such diversity means that broad-brush assumptions and sweeping statements are no longer effective. A brand that realizes this will able to create highly personalized campaigns which will make audiences feel valued like never before. Such an approach is bound to produce results.

5. To be social

Planning campaigns has been greatly transformed by social media. The available social networks are opening up in increasing number to allow marketers have more insight into how users behave, their preferences, likes and dislikes. It is in the social media space that a consumer is likely to be open to hearing from brands that they identify with.

6. To design better marketing campaigns

With data, companies can better target the core needs of customers by developing rich and informative content. So far, campaigns that have used big data have been more effective than aggregative advertising. Big data takes the guesswork out of determining what customers want.

7. To make better pricing decisions

Companies will traditionally price products based on products cost, competitor pricing and the perceived value if the product. Big data enables you to include other factors when determining the price of your products and services. Such factors are like macroeconomic indicators like GDP growth rate etc.

8. Showing appropriate web content

Data gives online marketers the opportunity to serve customized content to their website visitors. This they can do by tapping into their knowledge base to determine which content will be more engaging to each visitor.

Some of the common software that online marketers use to collect and track data include:

· Google analytics

· IBM analytics

· Apache Hadoop

· Sisense

· Looker

· Zoho analytics

· Stata

· RapidMiner

Digital marketing cannot do without data. Every business must be ready to incorporate data into their digital marketing to achieve success.

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