Helping Others is Good Business

"Great businesses are places where problems are solved, and lives are improved."

Richard Branson

If you go into business for the sake of making money only, you won't. Give your business a meaningful purpose. Companies that survive and thrive over the long term have more significant interactions with their customers than just conducting transactions.

Most if not all successful brands' owner want to make a positive difference in this new generation of business. Some business owners get to that to varying degrees. A company does not need to be community service-oriented so that it can make a difference in the world. Every business has the potential to make an impact on society. It is not only charitable organizations that can have a social impact but also enterprises of all sizes including banks, legal firms, etc.

Social impact can be defined as the effect of an organization’s actions on the wellbeing of the community. Social influence is not just beneficial to the customers but also to the organization. Some of the ways Strategy Branding helps companies do business with social impact is through assisting them in creating:

1. Promo campaigns

Our team guides businesses to explore their values and define the suitable product or service that solves or satisfies their target market needs. Then, with the use of various market tools to share the primary intention of covering and addressing those needs, the message is structured. Typically, the promo developing team uses different media resources such as the internet, newspapers, television, radio and printing advertising.

2. Sales with a social impact

We always encourage businesses to run campaigns with social impact through their purchase. For example, a company could launch a specific product or service which its total profits is directed to a particular cause.

The social causes we have supported directly or indirectly have been orphanages in China, young women in India, and dog shelters in China too.

· Donations: Instead of sending social messages, we help businesses put their effort behind financial contributions by sponsoring events with social impact in their immediate communities.

· Charities: At Strategy Branding, In other words, Strategy Branding not only creates campaigns but encourages business owners to solve social problems through sales campaigns where all the revenue from the sales is donated to charity.

3. Internal social impact

It is said that charity begins at home and therefore a business cannot make a positive effect on the outside without first making an impact within the company.

We know that the best sales happen as a result of trust, appreciation, and care. We encourage business owners to care about their teams by building the service, trust, and satisfaction within. In consequence, they are the ones who just reflect the love and care of the company to the external customer.

4. Fair price

Strategy branding is driven by doing business with social impact. We also create possibilities for young entrepreneurs and new start-ups. How? We provide proper and positive result-driven services with prices that suit start-ups and new entrepreneurs budgets.

Our passion for social business inspires to help other companies to have a social impact touch.

We care about your business health.

Contact us to know what we can do for you!

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