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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

For today's article, I thought of sharing a common situation that my clients struggle with before inquiring my services.

During the first approach my clients begin their talk with either these phrases:

"I don't know what else to do to get more sales"

"I want to grow my business, I don't know where to begin to get more customers"

Does it sound familiar to you?

If you happen to be a start up or a small business, you are likely to have been there or currently in the same state of not knowing what to do.

Let me do my best to address your struggle. I just request you to stick until the end before making any judgment. This is can be an eye-opening for you and your business.

1. Marketing is NOT sales!

This statement may sound shocking to you. However, it is a fact that sales happen as the consequence of an effective, organized, synchronized, well-planned chain of tactics towards one specific goal.

To get more sales, your customers need to like, trust and love your brand and products. The like, trust, love for your brand and products happen when you offer a quality product and service, you provide solutions to your customer's problems, you arrive on time to solve their problems, you have proved your brand is trustworthy, and you leave a fantastic experience in your current and potential customers throughout all the touchpoints.

After your customer is happy with your product, you reward him/her for every recommendation, positive review, and loyalty.

And last but not least, the more you remind your current or potential customer about the awesomeness you have to offer is what keep your buyer engaged, motivated, and committed to buying from you.

2. Social Media is NOT the only way to convert buyers!

Yes, you heard me right again!

Social media is a powerful tool to get you out there and let the world know about your brand and product. However, if there isn't exist an organized, synchronized, well-planned strategy, even the more money you invest in social media will not give you sales.

And this is because of the reason I mention on point 1. The new generation of buyers has much more access to information than the previous generations. Therefore it only takes minutes and less than five clicks to create a negative or positive impression of your brand and products.

If you sell shoes, then your client will search for your brand in their favorite online platforms and if they find a messy website, lack of information, boring and not relevant content, as well as very few likes and followers, then the concept is clear "there is no way to guarantee satisfaction in the new buyer"

The solution is to create clear communication and message that address your customer's problems, needs, likes.

3. There is NO such thing of instant or guaranteed sales.

To be able to gain more sales, it is a long process that requires consistency, organization, planning, tests, evaluations, and synchronization.

Then is when marketing and branding come in place to save your business.

While Branding is the presentation of your offer that conveys emotions with the easy understanding that solves a problem or addresses a need.

For example: when you are traveling as a tourist in a foreign country which doesn't speak your language and you find yourself in need of some more cash for your stay. You don't speak the language so you can't ask around. consequently, you take actions that will solve your immediate need. You unlock your mobile and reach to the app that shows a navigation. After finding a potential address on your GPS, you start your research for solution. Again you might not be able to read or speak their language. However, you do know you need to find is a simple symbol that means bank, money, or exchange.

Once you see it, the instant emotion of relief spreads quickly around your body. In other words that simple and universal symbol is a positive emotion and easy to understand its meaning.

This the purpose of Branding. The right presentation of your brand is what creates easy recognition and immediate desire in your ideal audience.

On the other side Marketing, is the group of tactics or actions that create positive emotions in your audience.

And these actions can be a large list;

  • Promo events,

  • Samples

  • Extra value

  • Quality

  • Easy access

  • Variety

  • Customization

  • Positive Customer service

  • Souvenirs

  • Positive reviews

  • Punctuality

  • Content building

  • Emails

And the list goes on

As a better way to explain it all, I would say the whole marketing and branding process is a puzzle, and every action and tool is just a piece of the puzzle. This puzzle can't be put in together if there is not a goal or visual board as the reference.

Following the same graphical explanation, the goal is the landscape or vision board you want for that puzzle to be when it is done.

Once the numbers of pieces are defined, it is essential that you don't give up until every single piece is in the right place. Just like the board game, it requires time, patience, and awareness that more than once you will find yourself choking on the pieces because you are trying t match them in the wrong place.

After a while, when everything is in the right place, and you can see the end of your efforts. Consequently, trust, like, love grows in your customers because they like what you have put together for them. Ultimately, sales happen.

Finally, I hope you find this information useful. If you still have some questions about the best actions your business needs to grow and gain more sales make an appointment with me. Also check out my previous articles and videos with more marketing tips.

My mission is to support more entrepreneurs.

Count on me!

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