The 6 must-haves for your marketing campaign

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Digital marketing refers to any way of marketing products or services with the use of electronic devices. Digital marketing goes beyond content marketing, social media or Google ads and can be done online or offline. Below are the must-have steps to get more leads from your digital marketing campaign.

1. Target your market- the narrower, the better

Have a target audience based on your specific product or service you intend to market. Though there is a likelihood of your outcome to be identified with more than one target market, the narrower, the better. Getting your target market will help you tailor your content and SEO strategy to connect with each of these target audience.

2. Creative but straight-forward brand

Your brand goes a long way to pitch you in front of your potential customers and show your credibility. Build a creative brand; create a simple but catchy brand name and logo. Customers want a brand name they could associate with. While creating your tagline ensure it’s something that inspires or has a deep connection with the product or service you offer.

3. A sexy website

Creating an attractive website is not only beautiful to your audience; it also makes them want to read whatever content you write on your site. Moreover, you create the image of an expert for your audience, who will immediately trust you and become your clients.

4. CTA buttons

Telling your audience, you are ready to serve them is what the call-to-action buttons do.

The right place, color, and link of the CTA buttons will direct your audience to learn about you, grow trust, and ultimately place an order.

Confusing websites, with much content and not easy navigation may distract the attention of potential clients, who may leave your site in microseconds.

5. Building content

Without useful content, all other digital marketing strategies will not yield positive results. An effective content strategy involves planning which includes creating a social plan, editorial calendar, SEO optimization, conversion measurement, and more. To ensure your content gets seen by your target market a content strategy is your best bet.

6. Email

Email marketing remains a viable tool for digital marketing as it records a significant ROI when appropriately used. Get the right strategies for your email marketing campaign as it will boost your return on investments. For instance, if you are used to sending out one email monthly, you should increase your frequency to twice per month. With compelling content, you will soon begin to get results.

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