The digital campaign isn't getting us any results!

Without mincing words, it’s expected that every business understands that driving traffic and capturing sales are keys to achieving their goals. In a globalized economy where big firms with big marketing budgets capture more than a fair share of potentials attention, it’s important that businesses with small advertising budgets find an innovative and resourceful way to market their goods and services.

More than ever, putting your business in front of people is becoming the major priority of all businesses. Here are four free and powerful ways to create visibility for your business.

Use of Hashtags #

Did you know that Hashtags are a vital tool and part of social media marketing?

They help with identifying and searching social media updates. Hashtags allow you to connect and engage with other social media users based on mutual interest and theme. Certainly, hashtags aid you in increasing engagement on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

Hashtags can increase the number of people who get to see your contents than just your regular followers, thereby improving your social shares. By simply including #hastag into your content, you can immensely increase your reach and get a wider audience.

When selecting a hashtag, it is crucial that you pick something people are searching for and can easily remember. With the presence of several other hashtags in the social media universe, using a hashtag that is difficult to remember, spell or pronounce and might impede doom. Although an unclear, rarely-used or generic hashtag will provide you with a result you do not expect.

Use a trending #hashtag

It is also worthy of note that using a hashtag while it’s trending gives you an edge as the hashtag is often searched and with quite a large audience. A trending hashtag is a perfect way to improve and increase one’s brand visibility. Before using a hashtag in your content, be sure it adds value to the existing line of discussion. Searching for a hashtag before use is also a good practice to stick to, for it will provide you with adequate information on why its trending and thus, you avoid using a negative hashtag for your contents.

As a marketer, your purpose will be to reach as many members of your community as possible especially during special events and Tweets. However, its necessary to engage others the use of unique hashtags and avoid generic hashtags such as #marketing #seo #branding as they will limit the retweets.

Clean and valuable home videos in the right social media

To increase the time a customer spends on your timeline, it's essential video is added, video leads to more prolonged exposure which further builds trust.

However, shorter video with concise contents are more engaging and would almost always drag back customers. Thus, the need to have one’s video free of jargon and the quality has to be optimized, if there’s a need a subtitle would be highly appreciated due to the diversity of the social media audience. It is stated that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. The Increasing rate at which mobile users watch videos suggests that brands need to be sensitive to the personal experience people have on the smartphones, i.e., provide them with a better choice in the video content they consume. Trying to describe a complex concept?

Create videos that are animated. Animations can depict the dead as being alive; this is a feat a live video and text cannot achieve. Animations are an excellent blend of entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity, and they work.

Recommendation and Starring

A good content, be it video or text attached with the right hashtags will build you a good customer base if consistency is applied as the human nature is one that has the in-built urge for more and this is where the loyal customer base comes in.

After having established a loyal customer base, it’s safe to say a request for subscription or recommendation isn't too much to ask. Customers can be asked for retweet or likes and further requested to share the link to your content if they are solid, this leads to a more extensive outreach and a generation of more revenue.


One important factor needed is the believe that only the consistency will lead your potential customers to reach out.

Frequent posts, blogs, vlogs, and visual content build trust in the readers. This trust is built day by day. Although you may think no-one is following you or reading you, trust that your content is influencing silent followers every time!



The more you apply these techniques, and the more consistent you use them, the more visibility you will create for your business. Subject to the time frame you want result; whether short or long term, you should experiment with all these techniques to achieve your desired results.

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