The Top Ten Marketing Campaigns of 2018

At days of saying good-bye to the 2018, we thought it would be great to recall the most impressive Marketing campaigns of the year just because this is what we love the most "Marketing art" Keep in mind that the first step to insert a company into its intended audience or even recall its existence is a good and creative marketing campaign. Let's begin!

1. LinkedIn advertising campaign titled "In It Together"

LinkedIn is a powerful social network that has recently gone out of fashion and changed its current stereotype. It launched a television site called "In IToTogether", an unprecedented brand new advertising step but a good move to change its current perception. Videos are used for black and white shots, unlike documentaries to show success stories

2. The feminine hair (finally) visible in an advertisement for razors

As we remember from the Billie American brand's Project Body Hair advertising campaign, broadcast on June 26th: "Hair, everyone has it. Even women. The world claims that it does not exist. But it exists. We have checked. With this video, the brand seeks to normalize female hair, a subject that remains relatively taboo.

3. IHOP Announced The change of it’s Brand Name

IHOP announced on Twitter this year that it has changed its name to "IHOb". The original post now has great number of views .It also sparked some obvious questions like, "What does the" b "mean?" And "does IHOP really need a brand change?"

4. Turkish Airlines: safety video with The Lego Movie characters

The videos of long and monotonous safety instructions from the airlines have never interested children and even the older ones tend to land ... To remedy this, the Turkish Airlines company has found the perfect formula to keep the attention of its passengers during the broadcast of the safety instructions: It recruited the key actors of the movie LEGO.

5. McDonald’s – ‘Follow the Arches’

In the new campaign "Follow the Arches", Cossette and McDonald's have deconstructed and transformed the golden arches into signboards. They help guide consumers to the nearest restaurant.

6. Droga5 Stand out

The faces of beauty are changing and becoming more diverse, as is evidenced by CoverGirl’s latest ad featuring a model with vitiligo, she is shown putting on two different tones of the brand’s TruBlend foundation, complementing rather than covering up the lighter and darker hues of her skin. In a voice over, she asks “Why try to blend in when you can choose how to stand out?”

7. Apple announces the iPhone XS

Apple isn’t the world’s first trillion dollar company for no reason. The team there are experts at creating unprecedented interest in their product. Some claim it’s down to its luxury products, others say it’s due to its compelling keynotes. Whatever it is, it works. Almost 1.5 million talked about their flagship event this year, making it the biggest product launch of the year.

8. Stabilo – ‘Highlight the Remarkable’

Behind every great man lies a woman. This is the message that DDB Germany's "Highlight the remarkable" campaignwants to convey to the Stabilo Highlighters, this Marketingcampaignplunges into the neon yellow light of forgotten great women of history: like the physicist Lise Meitner, who discovered nuclear fission but did not receive a Nobel Prize, Katherine Johnson the one of the first female engineers, who is African-American, to have worked for NASA, and others.

9. Lacoste X Save Our Species, when fashion goes green

Lacoste is distinguished this year by a strong Marketing campaignof diversion of its famous emblem: the crocodile. It disappears the time of a limited edition line to make room for ten logos with effigies of endangered species. This is not the first Marketing campaignof its kind in the field of ready-to-wear.

10. Tide – ‘It’s a Tide Ad’

The idea is very simple, use each scenario of another advertisement such as an advertisement for insurance and turn it to the advantage of Tide. The American actor David Harbor, embodies the thread of each advertisement and makes every time the viewer sees clean clothes #TideAd has become a trend on Twitter, with people generating their own #TideAd content.

In a nutshell, all of the campaigns listed above use elements that embody the brand and impress followers, thereby contributing to reach the target audience

While these Marketing campaigns are all very different, the common thread between them is the use of digital channels and strategies to raise brand awareness and stand out from the competition in their industry. Authenticity, creativity, ideal audience and emerging technologies are the main recipe these brands use to engage, attract and inspire consumers in a way that drives tangible long-term success. Are you ready to start your campaign?

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