The success of a business hinges on its ability to provide quality products and services, promote and market, improve customer experience at every touch point and obtain feedbacks.

When you arrange these relatively daunting tasks into a work flow system, the busy entrepreneur may find it overwhelming and yes, we do get it; businesses don’t run themselves, so how does one go about this?

Brand promotion and marketing is a topic that never plays out as lead acquisition and customer retention is vital for business growth.

It’s a common theme that often plays out no matter where you find yourself; whether you are in China, South Asia, the U.S or Europe, there is simply never enough time to hop on every marketing trend.

According to a Bain & Co. study, 10 out of 2,000 companies achieved and sustained, profitable growth. 85% of the winning companies outsourced their marketing campaigns better than the remaining 15%. We all know how competitive and fast paced the world of business is. The more you advertise your company or your simple service, the better the exposure your brand is likely to enjoy. While most companies will rather rely on their in-house marketing team. It is equally important to consider outsourcing promotion services to a branding and marketing firm that breathes and lives in the world of marketing. Having external people doing their promo campaigns may offer benefits because they can see the whole picture from outside and can provide good advice and ideas.

1. Outsource Your Marketing and Promotion campaign to a proper Digital Marketing Firm:

Most businesses do not like to go outside their comfort zones when it comes to trying out what works with marketing. When targets are not met, they simply hire more hands to add to an already crowded marketing team. What most entrepreneurs don’t realize is that there is a lack of perspective from the inside that is better understood and can be redeemed by a digital marketing and promotion outfit. Outsourcing marketing services can also save you more than hiring and maintain a full in-house team.

2. Corporative training for your whole in-house marketing department:

If you run a business that totally relies on depending on an in-house marketing team, then you should consider hiring corporative training with the latest marketing and promotion trends for the whole in-house marketing department. Your team heads will learn how to set goals and rewards for the marketing team to keep them motivated.They will also learn how to analyze and access performance.

3. Overhaul and Revamp your Marketing Strategy:

It is important to operate with a clearer target in sight. It’s never too late to get back to the drawing board and take a critical look at your target audience and see how you can serve them better at every touch point. You will also want to map out what you really want to achieve with every promo campaign. Whether you opt for Google ads, or Facebook ads, or trying your hands at content marketing, you should factor the cost and ROI while also ensuring your ad copy aligns with you brand voice. More than anything, it is important to play the long game and not depend on black hat methods


According to a report by Adobe, 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty years.

At Strategy Branding, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their bottom line and increase brand loyalty with our range of customized marketing and branding solutions. Our services include digital marketing, branding, event planning, promo campaign. We want you to go about your normal day, ideating your next product release, executing top management strategy while we get to work on your branding and marketing channels. Learn more at

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