Tips to make sales with Email Marketing

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

According to statistics, over half of the world population uses email in 2019. Come to think of it, numbers don't lie. How then can you take advantage of the number to boost your business? The answer is Email marketing.

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial mails to a targeted number of persons or group, using the email. It is the use of the email to advertise, sensitize and interact with potential or existing customers.


The email creates a platform through which you can disseminate information, send advertisement, share proposals, request business, seek partnership, and also serve as avenue to build relationships.

Sustaining relationship is key to business growth, and email marketing can help strengthen the loyalty that exist between you and them. Relationship keeps you and your business in check, and emails can be the communication link that will help you stay connected to your clients.

Advertisement of new or existing products. Email marketing help you create awareness of new products to your prospective customers and existing customers. It offers opportunities to share pictorial, info-graphic and informative content with your customers.

Sensitization of your customers about the benefits of your products, and products update. Email marketing can be a way to bring your customers to know more about your products and the peculiarities when compared to other products.

Communication is more effective. With email marketing, your customers have the opportunity to react, respond or patronize you for your products and services. You can easily know what your customers want, how they want it, and how you can be of help.


"When" is as important as "what" in business. Knowing what strategy to use and when to use it is very important to get the attention of your clients.

Awareness time. You could employ the use of email to create awareness about a new product. You can send promotional content to your clients. Evaluation time. Email marketing can also come in later on to keep check on your clients, and how they are enjoying the product. Appreciation time. Email marketing can come to also build relationship with your clients. You can always send mails to appreciate them for patronizing your brand.


The sales funnel may be divided into the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, although there may be slight variation due to company's sales model.

Email marketing comes needful and helpful at the top, since marketing takes the top place of the funnel. Email marketing helps create awareness, and awareness is the first aim of marketing.


ATTRACTIVE SUBJECT LINE:This is like the title of a book to the content. It is like the frontispiece of a magazine. It either invites you to know more, and distract you. Facts, compliment and promises are good subject line for email marketing.

OBJECTIVE:Often times, business owners have tendencies to be profit oriented, but sometimes, you can send mails that teaches your customers something new. It may not always be about your products, but also about your clients.

RELATIONSHIP:Your customers are humans, and may likely forget what they got from you, but won't forget how you treat them. It takes relationship for them to be committed to reading your mails and responding. This means that a no-reply email address is a bad idea, as feedbacks are very important to your business, so as to avoid loss of interest.

CREATIVITY:There's a number of creative stuffs that can really attract the attention and consequently the pocket of your customers. Let your mails be entertaining, empathetic, compelling, and at the same time, easy to read.

RELEVANCE:Mails that would bring people to want to click and check out must be relevant to them. You can always judge the relevance of your mails by the part of your website they visit and what they do. Demographic information can show the possible age, gender, location and more, about the user, which would help you target your customers.

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