Hi, I am Carol Zurita, a South American with a long entrepreneurial record. 

I started my first project fifteen years ago, back in my hometown, Ecuador. 


Soon after the first failure, I would start another project and another.

This process taught me about business management, project management, finances, communication, and promotion.


Hungry to explore different markets, I moved to Denver, US. As an intern, I was introduced to Facebook ads when this new concept of advertisement was just taking off in 2009.


In 2012, I moved to China, where I also founded a few projects with much more success than the previous ones. I acquired skills and experience towards promotion in China versus overseas.  Later on, confident about the value I can contribute; I launched my tour China-wide for CEOs and business owners. These eight-hour series of training provide tools and tactics to optimize businesses and brands.


Since then, I have helped tens of brands related to fashion, pets, logistics, and beauty. They all increased their sales as a result of my marketing and branding strategy and work. 


Also, thanks to this whole learning curve, I managed to speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


 My mission is to keep helping more SMEs reach their financial goals. It is your turn now!


Hurry to contact me to learn the best ways I can help you elevate your brand and boost your sales! 

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Shenzhen March 2019